Lost and Found

Have you lost your pet, or found a stray one?

If you have lost or found a cat that is not listed here, please call us on 01494 448849 or email   Also please contact us if you have found one of the cats listed here as lost.

As we are all volunteers, please be considerate and do not ring before 9:30am. If you get the answer machine after this time, please leave a message, which includes your home landline number if you have one, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Lost Cats

These cats have been reported lost recently:

Missing since May 17th, 2017 near Postcode HP11

This 11 month old kitten is missing from Desborough Avenue, High Wycombe.  He is neutered and chipped.

Missing since May 17th, 2017 near Postcode SL7

Dexter is a neutered, microchipped male 6 year old Bengal, missing from Hillside Road in Marlow.

Missing since April 8th, 2017 near Postcode HP9

Daisy is missing from Butlers Court Road, Beaconsfield.   She is 8 years old, tortie and white, and has no collar and is not microchipped.

Missing since April 8th, 2017 near Postcode SL3

Dobby is missing from Fulmer Common Road in Fulmer.

Missing since March 15th, 2017 near Postcode HP13

Smoky is missing from The Birches, High Wycombe.  She is a lilac/grey British Shorthair.

Missing since March 10th, 2017 near Postcode HP13

Coco is an 8 week old kitten missing from Melbourne Road in High Wycombe.  She is a mix of white, tabby and various other colours.

Missing since February 3rd, 2017 near Postcode SL9

This brown Burmese cat has been lost from Chalfont St Peter.  He is microchipped and neutered.

Some other cats have been missing for over 6 months. Please click here to see their details.

Found Cats

These cats have been reported found recently:

Found on June 21st, 2017 near Postcode SL9

This black cat has been visiting a house for many months in Joiners Lane, Chalfont St Peter.  Is he yours?

If your cat or kitten has gone missing, don’t despair. Most return of their own accord, sometimes several days later. However, here are some steps you can take to try and help:

Look in…

• all rooms, cupboards, boxes and household appliances, eg washing machines
• gardens and hedges – he may be hurt, frightened and hiding nearby – keep calling him, particularly at night when it’s quiet
• sheds and garages
• vehicles
• the lost and found section of your local newspaper


• your microchip company
• local veterinary practices
• neighbours, using leaflets – or even better, talk to them directly to ensure they check garages etc – or better still, ask if you can check there yourself
• your local branches of Cats Protection, the RSPCA Blue Cross and other local cat rescue centres
• the cleansing department of your local council
• your postman, milkman and newspaper delivery person
• websites such as animalsearchuk.co.uk  and Facebook groups such as ‘Lost and Found Pets in High Wycombe and Surrounding Areas’, ‘Harveys Army South’, ‘Lost and Found Pets UK’


• posters on trees, distribute leaflets to shops, post office, garages.
• in local schools, newspapers, radio
• on local noticeboards, including a recent photograph of your missing cat
• offer a reward


• the earlier you report your cat is missing, the more likely it is that it will be found
• when your cat does return, DO inform any organisations who have been asked to look for it
• have your cat microchipped!

Have you found a cat?

If you’ve found a cat that you think matches the description of any here on our site, please email or call us on 01494 448849. You might also consider some or all of the following:

• if the cat is hungry, please feed it
• if possible, take the cat to a vet who will check for a microchip, and you can ask if anyone has reported a similar cat missing
• if no microchip is found, you could produce some ‘Cat Found’ leaflets to be distributed in the area it was found.  You can also try putting a paper collar on the cat, and knocking on a few doors to ask if anybody recognises the cat

Doing these things is often very successful in reuniting a cat with its owners and it is important that these procedures are carried out before Cats Protection takes the cat in for rehoming.

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